The year's biggest challenge

Hi there, are any of you feeling as tired as I am right now? Way past time for me to go to bed, even though it's still early - I will never catch up on missed sleep at this rate. Darn you, new neighbors, for slamming doors & being generally noisy every night between midnight & 1 am! To the Challenge, and then I really must retire for the evening.

December 9. Something that really made you grow this year.

Well that of course would be moving out all on my own. Now I have lived with roommates, and my (ex)boyfriend, and a couple of stints of sleeping on my parents living room floor for months at a time when things didn't work out. But I moved just 3 months ago and this is the first time I've lived completely alone. No one else to help out with chores or make sure the fridge is stocked, cook dinner, or get the bills paid. No one to abdicate responsibility to - no, it's a grown-up world and I have to be a grown-up girl now. There is no Prince Charming here, and I have to be strong for myself.

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