Senses: Sight vs. Taste

I'm back for Day 2 of the Best of '09 Challenge! Go here if you're interested in joining in the fun.

December 2 - Best Restaurant Moment

My most memorable restaurant experience this year happened in a small, pub-type restaurant in San Luis Obispo, CA, that I can't even remember the name of or what the food was like. I was on a trip to the area with my cousin and we just happened in there because, well, it was about lunchtime and we were hungry. But the memory has nothing to do with the restaurant really - I have to start with the college kids we saw hanging out down the block before we decided to stop in. They were carrying on and looked a bit odd from the distance. After we were seated inside and had given our orders, the same kids come into the place. With 70's-era work clothes, funky wigs on, a camera following their every move, and a mixture of rehearsed lines and impromptu antics.

Action! They proceeded to sit at the table next to us for the next 20 minutes, pretending to have conversations with each other - yes, they really were lip-syncing the conversations! - and my cousin & I spent the next half an hour pretending not to stare at them & wondering what their film-in-the-making was supposed to be about.

I guess you could say Sight won that round (nothing unusual to me!)

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