Best of '09 Challenge - Day 10!

I haven't bought much music this year, even though I really love it. Having very, very little discretionary income to play around with this year, I've been listening to the radio and Pandora a lot more than usual. And I can count the number of singles I bought on two hands! I'm going to have to fudge this one....

December 10 Album of the year. What's rocking your world?

Well, the last album that I bought was The Fame by Lady Gaga. As a digital download, even though I still think CD's have a richer sound than digital... (digital was cheaper). And I bought it just before New Years Eve last year, so that's pretty close to this year, isn't it? It was my favorite album for a little while, until I got sick to death of how much the radio stations overplay her songs on the rotation. But once in a while I'll put the album back on after I hear her on the radio, I've always liked how listening to an album is like listening to a journey.

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