Speak out against censorship

Help stop SOPA & PIPA

There’s legislation being worked on in Congress, two similar bills known as SOPA and PIPA, which claim to stop theft of copyrighted materials by drastically altering the internet and the rights of US citizens.

Under these laws if passed, an accusation of copyright infringement against one posting on a site will get the entire site shut down. Without proof, without investigation, without warning, without the chance for defense or correction. This in not only unconstitutional but anti-constitutional. This gives a good-sized foothold for dismantling our right to due process under the law, not to mention throws “innocent until proven guilty” on its head & out the window.

As an artist, I am wholeheartedly for copyright laws and protection of intellectual property. As a person of good conscience, I am against laws that take our freedoms away by claiming to fight problems that are already being dealt with by existing laws.

Make no mistake: this will do little to end piracy – copyright violators will find other avenues to get around these blocks. But it will hurt innocent people & our freedom.

But don’t take my word for it – check out this infographic on how SOPA and PIPA will work to censor the internet.

I urge you to find out more about these laws, and take action to let your Congressperson know where you stand. And if you’re not in the US but are concerned how the enactment of US law could affect the global web & global economy, you can write to the US State Department. Tools to contact Congress and the State Department are located at the Stop American Censorship website.
Join Google in fighting these laws by signing the petition at Google's Take Action page.

If these laws are passed, what freedom will the lawmakers try to dismantle next? Where will it end?