Grand Reopening Coming Soon

I've been on hiatus for an extended period of time, with my store on Etsy closed since the holidays (and this blog here has been silent for even longer than that). But I'm happy to announce that will soon be changing!

I'm back in the studio, working on some small-scale paintings. As well as trying to finish up some work that's been unfinished for awhile. And soon as these are ready for the public I'll be reopening the store (click here to get on the notification list for when that happens!) I'll also be blogging about getting ready for the grand reopening so you can catch the news here too. Oh, and also blogging about the painting process & progress, and what it's like getting back into art after a time away. And what made me set this all aside for so long.

This is not without some trepidation, of course. I'm nervous to get back in the swing of things, or not, as I'm more afraid will happen. Nervous that I'll fail and run away from it again. But you know what, I'll definitely fail if I don't try, and that's what I'm focusing on. So hang around folks, because I'm working on a comeback.