A failure begets a lesson

So, I didn't keep up with every day of the Best of '09 Challenge. Obviously, as evidenced by the week-long silence here. Sidetracked by too much contemplation, as usual. Thank goodness Gwen said we could write - or not - as we're inclined! I do feel I've let you and myself down a bit though. And I really don't like that icky guilty feeling.

One thing learned from this Challege was how I stretched big-time in a couple areas this year, while stagnating, perhaps even atrophying, in others. Like the "stretch" was at the expense of all other pursuits, maybe. Has anyone else felt that way this year? If anyone's out there reading this now who's participated in the Best of '09 Challenge, has going back over your year in this way brought about any realizations, that you may not have otherwise had?

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