I truly believe that some of the things that happen to you in life are a direct result of what you've been ignoring. For example, getting sick when you've been pushing yourself past your limits. A series of clumsiness when you're trying to speed through 40 minutes-worth of activity in just 20. Continually losing things when you're purposely avoiding dealing with an issue. It's life's little way of saying, "Hey! Wake up!"

Therefore I wonder if there's an underlying cause behind my stomachache today, or my disinterest in the upcoming holidays. It's not that I think every illness or bad thing is the result of some superstitious cause & effect. But sometimes, there's this feeling, this intuition, that it's more than an ordinary occurrence. And I do know, that when small things start to feel like yet-another-monumental-obligation in a long string of obligations, it's not a good sign.

I hope to be back here tomorrow, in a better frame of mind. And with some more Best of '09 goodness.


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