Pictures - work in progress

I've had this idea for a collage series in my head for a few months now, and been saving magazine clippings for it. Finally had a chance to crop the clippings and lay them all out to play with potential compositions this past Sunday and Monday evenings. They're in that stacked-rectangle style I've been working in this year. Here's a couple shots of my "worktable" aka coffee table (nothing's been touched in 3 days! not even the remotes.) Where does all my free time go? It wasn't the tv, not this time.

Side note - One of the things mentioned today in the e-course I'm taking is the need for a picture of yourself for your online presence. I really have to say I've never been into pictures of myself. So, there's a pic of my hair over to the right. For now, until I can get something better.

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  1. Hi there , thanks for visiting my blog, I am most keen to see what you are going to do with this collage!
    Heehee , love the hair pic , come on let's see your face!!!