I've been feeling blah the last couple days. This little guy here makes it a little better. Chillin' in his favorite spot near his grass...

And all through listening to my online class tonight he's been trying to get my attention, like he is here. Just look at that well-fed belly!

(Yes, that is a box you see, left over from my move about 7 weeks ago. Almost all of my books and art supplies are still in boxes right now, waiting for their own home. Still waiting for those bookcases... why did I think painting the old ones would be a good idea, exactly?)

Hope you all have been having a better week than mine. So glad tomorrow's Friday!


  1. Boxes to unpack but feeling 'blah'. Looks like we have lots in common at the moment!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Christinah. Hope the weekend makes up for the week just gone....


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  3. What a cute kitty! You are right- they DO have a way to make us feel better somehow- don't they? I love your collages, by the way!!!