Reverb10: Where's The Bounce?

Bounce, get it? When a sound bounces around in echoes (a reverberation)? Because it's been rather quiet around here even though I'm supposed to be writing daily.

I mentioned in my last post, and it's still going on - I'm just not connecting with the prompts for this year's #Reverb10. Maybe it's because the past couple of weeks have been brutally busy at my day job. By the time I get home, I just don't wanna think too much. Maybe it's because last year's introspective prompts were broken up by ones that were lighter & fun, and this year seems to be all instrospection. Not just regular instrospection, but the I could work on this answer for hours kind of introspection.

Not fun.

Which I know is what this challenge should be! Opening up, sharing and reading posts by other Reverbers. But that's not what I'm doing. And my Plan B of posting several responses together is just not working - I've already accumulated too many un-responded-to prompts in my inbox, just sitting there glaring at me (or so it feels). So, what to do?

I don't want to completely give up this challenge. I don't want to respond to prompts that I'm not feeling connection with, or that I don't have the right mindframe to write a decent & thoughtful response to. I don't want to push myself when it's not in me right now. And I don't need to make myself feel guilty about my limits - everyone has limits and they can change daily, these just happen to be the limits I'm currently operating under.

What I can do is post when I can, using a prompt if I feel inclined, or making up my own prompt if that's what I'd rather do. And I can squirrel away the prompts I haven't responded to, hopefully to spur me on for later posts. So I may be Reverbing well into the next year still. And that's ok.

Also, not sure if Reverbers and Reverbing are real words. I may have just made them up. That's ok too!

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  1. Hey Christy, I reckon that's the best way to do it - write when inspired. I've missed about 3 prompts and haven't written about them yet (and may not .. or may do so a few days down the line).

    When something becomes a chore, you can either look into what's causing the resistance or say sod it and go have a hot chocolate :D

    It's all about time and space and if it's not resonating, honour your gut. As I see you're already doing :) That already makes you different cos most others are beating themselves up for missing some days.

    You go girl!! Tia #reverb10

  2. I like your approach. I have been kind of a similar space myself this week . . .

  3. I'm doing most of the prompts in my morning pages. that way if they get too introspective no one has to see. :)

    they're good prompts. today's is frivolous and I probably won't do it, but the exercis le is making me think. just do what you're comfortable doing and don't worry about hitting them all out of the park! ;)

  4. Thanks for the comments! @nmhouston, glad I'm not the only one, let's commiserate together!

    @Tia - that's exactly what I decided to do! Explore why I was resisting. I learned just as much by doing that, as if I'd responded to one of the actual prompts. It's all learning...

    @Alexia - if I was still doing morning pages, I'd probably be grumbling about the prompts themselves, I used to get all my complaining out in those pages :) I do think I'll be responding to some of the prompts at a later date, when I'm ready & inspired.

  5. I think connection is one of the main points of the whole challenge - within ourselves, with other Reverbers, with anyone else who happens by. It seems to me that your honesty is the quickest path in that direction. I'm happy to have stopped by.

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  7. Thanks, @lifeafterbenjamin! I'm glad you stopped by too. Connection with ourselves - that is a point that often gets overlooked. This is a great the reminder.