I'm on Etsy. And building a newsletter. And facing my fears.

If you’ve read the comments on this post this week, you’ll know that I opened up a store on Etsy recently. Yes, that’s right! I finally did it! To be honest, it’s something I’ve thought of doing ever since I heard of Etsy – oh, for about three or four years now. So this feels like something that I’ve been extremely slow in achieving. I’ve had a lot of excuses for procrastinating. And I think what finally got me over some of the fear surrounding this was realizing that this is not about getting validation or trying to craft my artwork or store in such a way that everyone will find something to like - it's really about finding those few people who will love it.

And you know what? For all the worry, indecisiveness, and doubt, in the end it wasn’t difficult to do at all. And though I’m taking my time with it, and haven’t even really delved into the great community there yet, it feels right. And fun!

So, if I were to offer any advice to someone sitting on the fence rather than taking just one step closer to their dreams, I would say this – Do it! Even if it feels like there's a huge barrier in the way. There's a quote that I wish I could find again, it says something along the lines of  "Those aren't barriers you're seeing - they're gates." It’s like walking through a doorway into a larger room, one filled with more possibilities. Opening my etsy store leaves me standing in a sea of others reaching for similar dreams as mine. I’m still standing way back at the edges of the crowd, and not many people have noticed me there yet, but at least I’m in the room. And that's a lot closer than I was before.
So if you wanna see what I've worked so hard on the last month, you can check out my Etsy store here. If you liked this post at all, it would be an enormous favor to me if you could share it with others (virtual hugs to anyone who does this. Let me know if you do!)  And, if you’d consider signing up for my newsletter, I’m planning to send out my first one by November 15. It will include some pics of my artwork, snapshots from my studio, and a holiday discount on items in my shop! You can sign up on the web form or the little box over to the right.


  1. Woohoo! Congrats Christy! I know it's scary putting yourself out there, but I've found Etsy to be such a great community. It's hard for me too, to not make it about the validation. But really, truly, your art is great and you should definitely be proud of it! :)

    Happy sales!

    PS. Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag this week. Hehe.

  2. Lindsay, no worries, I should be thanking you for giving me the little push! Sometimes I think things through for too long, which is why I hadn't posted this to my blog yet. And thank you so much for your kind words about my art :)

    Happy sales to you also!

  3. Of course you know how I feel Christy! I love, love, love it! And ever so proud that you made that final step through the door. Now you are a true artist in every single way. I look forward to seeing many new and exciting pieces of artwork on your site.

    You have been blessed with a special gift. It's been said that you should share all you have, and you really have made that come true.

    Love you!