Changes and a Clarification

You may have noticed that the design of this blog is a little different today! Yep that's right I finally got around to giving it a little makeover today. What do you think? The new header is from one of my paintings, and I'm actually working on something with my art right now that I'm a little scared/excited about. No, it's not quite ready for you yet - but if you sign up for my new email newsletter (over to the right below my little profile), you'll be one of the first to find out when it is! You do want to be one of the first, don't you??

Speaking of scary/exciting things, I read this post on Ittybiz a few days ago and thought I'd give her challenge a whirl. She asked her readers to answer, in her words, "a very scary question: What do you do?" Well guess what Naomi, that is a scary question, even for those who aren't making a living doing with their own business. Maybe particularly for those who'd like to be, but aren't yet. I know I sure as hell would like to be making a living from doing My Work, and I've been stumbling all over myself all year trying to make that happen in a very slow, painful way. Painful, because if there's ever a day when that is my reality, I'd like that day to hurry up please.

Just to clarify, when I say My Work, I'm talking about creativity, artwork, listening to the muse, all that stuff, does that make sense? I am not talking about a job or the work I do while "at work" - what I have been calling my "day job" in my mind for awhile now. And I'm not entirely sure what all it would entail to make a living with my creativity, maybe hopefully something fabulous that I haven't even considered yet. All I can see at this moment is the next logical step, and that is all I can work on right now.

So, yes. What I want to do is to make a living through making art. And my art is not something I've shared all that much with people, and I'm not sure if anyone would even like my art. Which is a very, very scary thing to doubt. Just writing this makes me feel vulnerable, and that's a very uncomfortable feeling. So, I'm trying to write about it here when I can, to get more comfortable with the vulnerability. And perhaps I will write my answers to the rest of Naomi's questions in my next post, as a way to practice that getting-comfortable which I need


  1. Having a look at your work on the blog, I have to say that I like it!

    Vulnerability about whether people will like my art is something I get as well but, you know what, it doesn't matter because it is YOUR art and the only person who has to like it is you.


  2. Thanks Sylvie! I appreciate it :) and I understand what you're saying, although knowing and believing aren't the same thing - and believing it is what I need to work on!

  3. Just found your shop and blog through the etsy forums! Love your artwork, Christy!

    I really get what you're saying about being nervous to share your artwork with others and not being sure if people would like it. I felt the same way before I opened my Etsy shop and wrote several blog posts about it too. But I've found out that it's totally worth it to put yourself out there.

    You have really great talent! Keep at it! :)

  4. Thanks Lindsey! Uh-oh girl, you just let the cat out of the bag - I haven't even posted a link to my etsy store yet :-)

    Oh thank you for your encouragement! That's exactly what I am trying to do - keep putting myself out there even with my doubts, because those doubts aren't gonna go away by themselves. I'm checking out your blog now!

    I just checked out your etsy store too. Such fun paintings! I've got my eye one - the green with white flowers would look great in my home :-)