So many things to do. Not knowing what to do.

Do you know that feeling? Having so many ideas, so many things in progress, so many things nagging at the back of your minds that you need to find time to do someday, a total abundance of things to do. And not being able to pick one? Which one is the best thing to work on now, in this moment? How to choose??? This scenario stops me every time. Makes it hard to step away from the computer to get to work. Makes me want to clean my apartment, which I hate doing, to avoid the choosing. Sometimes even makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Even with an extra day in which to get stuff done. Today, thanks to my back (bad back!), I'm at home and therefore have another day away from the job in which to get my personal stuff done. Do you think I've done anything yet? It's a little after noon and so far all I've done is sleep in really late and catch up on one of my favorite blogs. Oh, and run my little brain around in circles trying to decide what to do with this extra free time. Sometimes it makes me wonder: the workaholic syndrome we seem to have here in the U.S., could it be because people know what to do at their jobs, and by continually rerouting their focus to work they can avoid the things in their personal lives they don't know how to deal with?

Wonderings aside, since that's not really what I came here to say - Yes, there are lots of things I want to work on today. I just can't seem to get to them, and this has been going on for a couple of weekends now. (I'm not counting the weekday evenings, because I'm often so exhausted after the job that I'm completely ineffective in my personal life.) So much I want to do: the new artworks I have ideas for, the works already in progress that I need to finish, the organizational things I want to do to get my act together, the plans for opening an etsy store that I need to work on, the half-drafted blog posts that I haven't finished, all these things that are just vague ideas flitting around in my head that I need to grab onto and get to work on. Like all these things are on one side of the river, and I'm on the other, thinking that it's too difficult to get to the other side (even though I have this suspicion that the way across is quick and so obvious that I can't even see it. It is obvious, isn't it?)


  1. I can relate to what you are saying here...sometimes I feel like I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start and I'll putter around not actually getting anything done. lately, I've tackled this issue by making a monthly list of my BIG goals and then little daily lists of things to do each day that are much smaller things, but that inch me a little bit closer to my bigger far, this process has been really helpful! Even still though, sometimes I think our bodies/minds just need rest and to let it all go and I'm trying to make that ok for myself too! Although I have a really hard time doing so!

  2. Hey Eliza, glad to hear you're developing a system that works for you.... At the beginning of the year I had lists with these little micro-tasks, little 15-minute tasks, and it was really helpful at first until the whole New Years Resolution glow wore off lol. Maybe I should go back & try giving myself the micro-tasks again.

    Of course, I can always try getting into some movement when I feel stuck. Yoga or going for a walk usually helps, but I seem to forget that!