A Dozen Artworks Mini-Challenge

I’ve been a little quiet lately – steadying, shoring up my reserves – getting ready to launch myself into the next stage of my artistic endeavors. A couple of weeks ago I issued myself a challenge: to create a dozen paintings in a month. Yes, I fully admit this is not a new concept, several artists have done it and better than I. And this was not about updating the world daily with my progress, this was an internal process of something I needed to do for myself. It was about propelling myself forward, dedicating my time to the practice of painting, creating a body of work and refining my aesthetic.

So this is what I’ve been doing with my time. I started the third week of April - why wait until May 1st, when I can start now?, I thought - so I've got just a short time left to finish. I'm not entirely sure I'll make my own self-imposed deadline, but it's been exciting to try. And I wanted to share with you a few of these small works in progress! These represent my baby-steps to becoming a real, practicing, sometime-in-the-future-selling, artist. Please view them kindly, I’d be honored to know what you think – constructive criticism is welcomed.

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