Can anyone tell me where the last two weeks went?

I mean, seriously.... time, like youth, seems to be wasted on the young. And I haven't been finding much time left at the end of all the many things I need to do every day, with posting here going by the wayside.

But my last two weeks have not been a complete waste! It's been pretty intense lately in the blogging class I'm taking, which is sadly nearing its end. And my little blog will be all the better for it. I've got some changes planned, one of which is I'll be adding a gallery page! So you can see at a glance some of my artwork to date once that's up. I'm hoping to have that completed within the next few days.

I know I haven't posted any of my art in a while, so here is a glimpse for you. This photo was taken during a mini-sabbatical I took at the beginning of last year, which was a treat to myself - one week that I dedicated to creative pursuits. I had a whole factory line-up going at this point, several collages that I'd done that week were about to get a final coating of acrylic varnish.

I promise to post my art more often, that is why I'm here after all, and I love sharing these little glimpses into my world. Soon...  By the way, I have not been sleeping well lately. Too, too many things on my mind! This class has given me so much to think about, beyond the basics of blogging and spilling over into everything. All the things I have planned - I just want to do them. You know what I mean?


  1. I love the idea of putting aside a week for creative pursuits. What a great idea!
    I know, I have trouble sleeping too ~ too many ideas whirling around in my head when I close my eyes.

  2. It makes sense to post some art work if that is what your blog is about :~)

    About sleeping and wanting to do too many things.
    I have to come to understand that that is a matter of choice and intention. When I am blogging I know I cannot do anything else and when I start checking my emails I am setting myself up for not doing anything right.
    So in the end I am not choosing what I am doing, I am wishy washy and thus wasting time.
    That was a big shock, wasting precious time I do not have. When I compared time with money I got to see even better that I was throwing virtual money out of the window. That made it a lot easier for me to calm down and NOT waste time any more with wanting to do too much. If I am planning to sleep, I am not wasting time with NOT sleeping and thinking about things I cannot do in bed anyway.
    That now makes me calm and able to sleep.
    Oh the mind games we play with letting overwhelm and excitement take over. I also felt once I was calm I got a lot more things done as I wasted less time with wishy washy activities.

  3. @74 Lime Lane - I'm dying for another break like that! I highly recommend it too ;-)

    @Wilma - you make an excellent point, actually a few of them. My scattered-ness over what to focus on wastes precious time I can't get back. And when I'm not calm - when I'm rushing, I always (always!) drop things, forget things, can't get the button in the buttonhole the key in the lock, etc - I cannot. make. things. work.!

    I'm currently reading "The War of Art," and I'm pretty sure the author Steven Pressfield would say this is a form of Resistance. I know this is a big part of my trouble sleeping (because with morning comes work - my job, which is not the type of work I want to be doing anymore...)

  4. Oh Christy, good on you to be so honest. Not wanting to go to work says a lot.
    Hmm, looks like something needs some attention here. When my daughter hated her work, the worst thing was that she felt stuck and she was so worried that she would never have a way out. Once she knew it was NOT a prison, she felt a lot better and stopped hating her job so much. She worked on an exit strategy and she got out.
    Good on you to go to the bottom of this, now you can tackle the issue and sleep again. xox Wilma